Teaching Methodology

At Clever Hands Nursery, we follow the thematic and holistic approach where we complement the above areas, as well as moving above and beyond them. We remain true to catering to all learning styles and individual differences by employing various teaching methods, including technology. Moreover, we follow the child rather than dictate to him or her, whilst recognising and fulfilling the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Whether working individually or in small or larger groups, in a one-to-one situation with a teacher or as a whole class, the children encounter endless opportunities for learning every day at Clever Hands Nursery.

We place importance on each child having their space to work at their own pace. We do not pressure children to attain ‘goals’ but allow them to develop naturally according to their own interests.

Why are we different? Why come to Clever Hands Nursery?

Parents say we provide the very best childcare.
We work hard to be sure that we always will.

  •  We are lucky to be based in a wonderfully spacious place with a perfect sized garden in which

to play, explore, plant and compete.

  •  We are passionate about our work with the children in the nursery and we love that we can

give them one-to-one attention on a daily basis.

  •  We employ friendly, experienced staff who are highly praised by parents.
  •  We have child-safe and secure design throughout our rooms and garden. 
  •  Parents are welcome to visit at any time of day, and can view their children in the room.
  •  We ensure that children will be medically upervised by a resident nurse and a doctor.
  •  We ensure and enhance a smooth transition of students to larger reception classes by

ass-isting children develop a sense of value and self-worth. The child leaving the Clever Hands Nursery for a larger Reception class is ideally positioned to form new friendships and relationships with self-confidence and independence.

  •  We supervise at all times, and we limit our numbers so that we can maintain an excellent staff

to child ratio. This enables us to provide maximum care and attention, and to ensure that the
needs of every child are met as far as possible.

  •  We welcome parents getting involved with the Nursery, and invite you to discuss with our staff

any problems or anxieties you may have. This way we can work together for the benefit of your