Director's Message

The Clever Hands Nursery was designed with my own child in mind and will continue to operate to that very high standard.

It combines what has worked with my children and my students throughout a 20 year career in teaching and, prior to that, throughout my undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies and courses.

As the name of our nursery indicates, the senses are a wonderful thing. They allow us to explore, interpret and understand our world. We use our senses every day, although sometimes not as much as we should.

Using and experiencing the combination of all the senses takes learning to a new level, beyond just seeing and hearing in the classroom, to feeling and observing with our hands.

It is one thing to learn about an apple by seeing it, but a whole other to hold the apple and explore its shape, texture and make that connection to the word in our brains. This is the Modern Montessori method of teaching, and once scaffolding takes place, in integration with learning through playing, there is no way that your children will not constructively learn!