Why are we special?

01 . We secure a smooth transfer of learning and a successful bright future We simply focus on two important concepts that are crucial for ensuring a smooth head start for your child at school and in his/her future: Positive educational engagement and positive school attachment .
Positive Educational Engagment
Positive School Attachment
Bright & Happy Future

The relationship between Positive educational engagement and positive school attachment stands at the heart of the formal educational process. That is, when students are positively engaged, they will develop the basis of their future success: Positive school attachment.

When students are educationally engaged, they are “attached” to schooling in an emotional sense. Attachment to school (Smith, 2006) can be defined in terms of the degree of commitment towards and engagement with schooling felt by a student.

Students who have a strong attachment to school believe that schooling is a worthwhile experience in itself and that success in school will lead to significant rewards, both in the short term and in later life. On the other hand, weak attachment to school is characterized by indifference or hostility towards teachers and doubt in relation to the value of schooling.

We make sure that students can make a positive contribution to classrooms through the power of their peer group and the positive qualities of our teachers that contribute to nurture and develop student engagement.

02 . From Newborns to Kids, We provide a Safe Environment At Clever Hands Nursery we take Health and Safety very seriously. We understand that it is important that your child is in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

Inspection and notification

A dedicated hygiene and safety inspector is responsible for taking all reasonable measures to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of children attending.
Specifics about hygiene and safety accord with the laws of the ministry of social affairs No. 2 , 2012. In addition to their close parallelism with the local standards, they also match international ones.


Child Care Premises and Facilities

We apply rigorous standards ensuring that:

  •  The premises are of sound and stable structure and are suitable for providing nursery  services
  •  Adequate space per child, is provided on the premises
  •  Fixtures, premises and fittings are kept in a proper state of repair and in a clean and hygienic

condition and protected from infestation

  •  Furniture, work and play surfaces are clean, suitable, non-toxic and retained in a proper state

 of repair.

  •  There are adequate and suitable facilities for a pre-school child to rest and to play indoors and
    outdoors during the day
  •  The building has suitable and adequate ventilation and lighting; sanitary accommodation, waste

 storage and disposal


Safety Measures


  •  Adequate arrangements are place in for extinguishing fires. Our staff is trained in the use of

 equipment. Staff and pre-school children should know evacuation and other procedures.

  •  Gardens and play areas are fenced and doors and gates secured to prevent children straying.