01 . Behaviour


Physical punishment (or the threat of it) is never used at Clever Hands Nursery. We believe it is better for children to learn by example and our staff create an atmosphere of respect in their relationships with the children, as well as with each other and parents. We also like to praise children for positive behaviour such as sharing, being helpful, etc.
When children do behave in a way that is not acceptable, e.g. hitting or other abusive behaviour, we try to make it clear that it is the behaviour that is unacceptable and not the child itself. We take care to explain to the child why their behaviour is unacceptable, in a manner relevant to their age and understanding.
At Clever Hands Nursery,we believe it is essential to maintain a good relationship between the parents and staff.
If, at any time, you are concerned about your child or their progress or development, please do not hesitate to talk to us about it.




02 . Personal Care



We do not have a set nappy changing time but change a nappy as soon as it is needed. Our high staff to child ratio enables us to cater to individual needs respectfully and effectively. Generally, children under two or more will have their nappies changed at least four times a day.  Parents must supply all nappies and creams. We are very happy to help your child with potty training.



Comfortable play clothes are advisable and jewellery is not allowed as it is easily lost or pulled off, potentially causing injury. Aprons are provided for art work and cookery. However, as we have a strong emphasis on art work play, it is recommended that your child wears comfortable clothes which they can move freely in and will not be spoilt by paint. (We cannot accept responsibility for any items of clothing/toys etc., which are lost or damaged at the nursery).